Upon qualification, HTS offers its investors an opportunity to view company campaigns. You can also review financial documents, purchase shares, and receive all ownership in an easy to use online dashboard. 


If you own a business and have a big goal planned, you are going to need capital. HTS is an affordable way of raising money to grow your business. We also help with keeping your business in compliance with private security rules and regulations.


Today you have a chance to become a part of a Trillion-dollar market. It doesn’t matter how much money you can invest right now, we have a plan that’s right for everyone to invest. HTS is here to guide you every step of the way. 

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Investor Benefits

Being an investor at Home Town Shares comes with a plethora of benefits to help you grow your portfolio including:

-No minimum amount to invest
-Free registration
-Free investment learning material kit
-Direct purchase of shares
-Secure transaction through third-party firm
-Easy to understand financial reports
-Available to buy common stocks, preferred stock, and debt securities
-Frequent update of issuers progress
-Open communication with companies
-Option to cancel purchase before closing round

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Other benefits for raising capital through our website include:

-Share offerings type is determined by you
-You still control and run your business
-Percentage of company offered is your call
-Communication with investors through website
-No registration fee
-Free learning material kit
-Option to buy back shares
-Twenty-six-month grace period for payout
-Total control over security type
-Third-party escrow account
-Low cost setup
-Always have access to HTS staff for consultant
-Funding goal amount is set by you

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Market Participation

How big is this market and why should I become an investor?

In 2014, VCs invested $49.3 billion of capital in 3,665 startups. Angel investors contributed $24.1 billion, with approximately73,400 entrepreneurial ventures receving angel funding.  

Now you have a chance to become an investor in this billion dollar market. It doesn’t matter how much money you have to invest on any offering on our platform.